MD Sharira Kriya

MD Sharira Kriya is a 3-year full-time post-graduation course. This course provides a physiology specialization. It implies that the system will teach you in-depth about how the human body works. Kriya Sharir’s domain provides students with broad knowledge about the physiological creation and functioning of the human body as per Ayurveda. It teaches students about sensory systems, sensorimotor, psychological state, and spiritual life. Doshas, Dhatu, and Mala, as well as their locations in the body, are taught.

The course can be completed after graduating with a Bachelor’s in ayurveda medicine and surgery (BAMS) or an equivalent MBBS course. The syllabus and regulatory oversight of MD Dravya Guna are governed by the National Commission for the Indian System of Medicine (NCISM). Admission to the MD Dravya Guna course is determined by various entrance exams, including the NTA-conducted AIAPGET (All India Ayush Post Graduate Entrance Test) (National Testing Agency).

Why Choose MD Sharir Kriya?

MD Sharira Kriya has emerged as a highly sought-after and prominent post-graduate program for individuals who have completed the BAMS course and are striving for a career and further education in fields. MD Sharira Kriya aims to provide students with many advantages that are associated with having great knowledge. Here are some of the benefits of pursuing an MD Sharira Kriya Course:

  • The most significant fact of an Ayurvedic Physician is Kriya Sharira. It’s indeed essential to comprehend the body’s mechanisms, as well as to be cognizant of pathological processes in the variety of inflammatory.
  • MD students at Kriya Sharira have access to a variety of job opportunities in this sector, including published journals, personal and public hospitals, the medical industry, research organizations, and medical colleges.
  • Professors, medical officers/consultants/researchers, and medical directors are the most common job profiles with excellent average pay-grade

MD Sharira Kriya Highlights

Name of CourseDoctorate of Medicine in Sharira Kriya
AbbreviationMD Sharira Kriya
Course LevelPost-Graduate 
Duration3 Years
Eligibility Graduation in any Ayurveda field (BAMS) or MBBS+ 1 year of Mandatory Internship
Admission Admission to MD Sharira Kriya course can only be done on the basis of AIAPGET Score
Governing Bodies NCISM (National Commission For Indian System of Medicine) And Department Of AYUSH
Entrance Exams AIAPGET (All India Ayush Post Graduate Entrance Test)
Average Fees RangeRs. 25,000/-  To Rs. 3,50,000/- per Annum
Average Salary RangeRs. 4,00,000/- To Rs. 12,00,000/- Per Annum
Job ProfileProfessorsMedical OfficersMedical ConsultantsMedical ResearchersMedical directors

MD Sharira Kriya Syllabus

Courses Syllabus
MD Sharira KriyaPaper 1Pape 2
Part ASharirBasic principles of AyurvedaTridoshaVata DoshaPitta DoshaKapha DoshaDosha Vriddhi-KshayaKriyakalaPrakriti: Deha- Prakriti & Manasa- PrakritiAharaAgniAharapakaPart BPhysiology HomeostasisPhysiology of Respiratory systemPhysiology of Gastrointestinal systemPhysiology of Nervous SystemPhysiology of Endocrine glandsPart ADhatuRasa DhatuRakta DhatuMamsa DhatuMeda DhatuAsthi DhatuMajja DhatuShukra DhatuConcept of Ashraya -Ashrayi bhava OjasUpadhatu: Stanya, Artava, TvakIndriya vidnyanManasAtmaNidra & Swapna Part BHaemopoetic systemPhysiology of cardio-vascular systemImmunityMuscle physiologyAdipose tissuePhysiology of male and female reproductivePhysiology of ExcretionSpecial Senses, Sleep and Dreams

MD Sharira Kriya Entrance Exam

CourseEntrance Exam 
MD Sharira KriyaAIAPGET (All India Ayush Post Graduate Entrance Test)

MD Sharira Kriya Fees Range

MD Sharira KriyaRs. 25,000/-  To Rs. 3,50,000/- per Annum

MD Sharira Kriya Salary Range

CourseSalary Range
MD Sharira KriyaRs. 4,00,000/- To Rs. 12,00,000/- Per Annum

MD Sharira Kriya Courses Eligibility 

Entrance Exam:All India Ayush Post Graduate Entrance Test (AIAPGET)
AgeNo age restrictions
InternshipMandatory experience of 1-year internship after BAMS course
QualificationCandidates must have an MBBS degree from a recognized educational institute or Equivalent Ayurveda Graduate degree Candidates must have secured a minimum of 50% aggregate marks to sit for the AIAPGET exam, qualifying via which they will get admission to MD Sharira Kriya course.

How To Get Admission to MD Sharira Kriya?

Applicants can apply for admission both online and in person. Aspirants would visit the NEET official website and the university official website and upload the required documentation to the portal. Educators would be required to visit the admission office of the Ayurvedic colleges and hand over all the documents to candidates for the offline option. The general admission procedure is outlined below.

Applicants must be cognizant of the MD Sharira Kriya curriculum details to be admitted to a college of their choice. After completing the application form, applicants must pay the MD Sharira Kriya fees to ensure admission to the college of their choice.

The Selection Procedure

Applicants should ensure that they meet all of the college’s eligibility requirements. The colleges publish a rank list according to the results acquired in the entrance exam coupled with the total scores in counseling, individual interviews, and group discussion, predicated on which applicants are registered in the course of their choice.

MD Sharira Kriya Scope In India

  • Ayurvedic jobs are available in both the public and private sectors. Following Sharira Kriya, there are numerous career options. Individuals can work as Ayurvedic Doctors, Therapists, Pharmacists, Medical Officers, Product Managers, and other positions in the field. As a matter of fact, the breadth of MD Sharira Kriya’s courses is broadening.
  • Individuals who successfully complete the MD Sharira Kriya program have the option of continuing their education. They have the option of pursuing a Ph.D. in Ayurveda.
  • MD Sharira Kriya graduates can work as health supervisors, professors, teachers, or researchers in the healthcare industry, educational sectors, or pharmaceutical companies that produce herbal medicine.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the MD Sharira Kriya?

MD Sharira Kriya is a three-year, full-time postgraduate program. The course offers a physiology concentration. It implies that the program will teach you everything you need to know about the human body. 

What are the eligibility criteria to enroll in MD Sharira Kriya?

The Eligibility Criteria for MD Sharir Kriya Course is that candidate should be graduated from an undergraduate ayurveda course or an equivalent MBBS Course. Admission for the course is done on the basis of the AIAPGET exam with Aggregated of 50% percentage.

What is the Duration of the MD Sharira Kriya Course?

The duration of MD Sharira Kriya’s course is 3 years.

Which Governing body regulates the Syllabus of MD Sharira Kriya?

The National Commission for the Indian System Of medicine has been regulating the regulations and curriculum for MD Sharira  Kriya.

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