MD Roga & Vikriti Vijnana

MD Roga & Vikriti Vijana is a three-year postgraduate course with preoperative evaluation according to traditional techniques including Nadi pareeksha (Pulse Diagnosis) and also embraces modern cultural diagnostic tools for the conclusive diagnosis of the individual. The course lasts for three years and can be done after graduating from BAMS (Bachelor in Ayurveda Medicine and Surgery). The curriculum and regulations are regulated by the National Commission for Indian System of Medicine(NCISM). Admission for the MD in Ayurveda course is done on various entrance exams such as AIAPGET (All India Ayush Post Graduate Entrance Test) conducted by NTA (National Testing Agency).

Why Choose MD Roga & Vikriti Vijana?

With revolution and progress in the educational sector of the Indian Medical System; MD Roga & Vikriti Vijanana has become the very sought and mainstream Post-Graduate program for those who are graduated From BAMS Course and Seeking a career and further education in fields. MD in Ayurveda enables Students to have lots of Advantages that come along with great knowledge, here are some of the advantages of pursuing an MD Roga & Vikriti Vijana

  1. An MD Roga & Vikriti Vijana graduate has a variety of career options. The professionals have been trained to work in a variety of industries and for well-known organizations.
  2. The Course has varieties of fields to make a career which will allow one to have options which can choose of their liking.
  3. A candidate who graduated from an MD ayurveda course or any specialization in the course can earn around the average salary of Rs. 8,00,000/- per annum.
  4. An MD Roga & Vikriti Vijana graduate can enable individuals to get employment as a health supervisor in the healthcare industry or in pharmaceutical companies that manufacture herbal medicine.

MD Roga & Vikriti Vijana Course Highlights

Name of CourseDoctorate of Medicine in Roga & Vikriti Vijana
AbbreviationMD Roga & Vikriti Vijana
Course LevelPost-Graduate 
Duration3 Years
Eligibility Graduation in any Ayurveda field (BAMS) or MBBS+ 1 year of Mandatory Internship
Admission Admission to MD Ayurveda course can only be done on the basis of AIAPGET Score
Governing Bodies NCISM (National Commission For Indian System of Medicine) And Department Of AYUSH
Entrance Exams AIAPGET (All India Ayush Post Graduate Entrance Test)
Average Fees RangeRs. 25,000/-  To Rs. 3,50,000/- per Annum
Average Salary RangeRs. 4,00,000/- To Rs. 8,00,000/- Per Annum
Job ProfileAyurvedic Doctors, Therapists, Pharmacists, Medical Officers, Product Managers, Medical Representative 

MD Roga & Vikriti Vijana Syllabus

Courses Syllabus
MD Roga & Vikriti VijanaResearch MethodologyMedical StatisticsCharaka Nidana SthanaDosha, Dhatu, Upadhatu, Mala, Agni, Ama, Srotas and Indriya Trividha Avasthapaka in the vitiation of DoshaNanatmaja and Samanyaja VikaraAvarana in the diagnosis of various diseasesClinical application of ShatkriyakalaUpadrava and AristaAyurvedic interpretation of variousLaboratory investigations to derive treatment principles.Interpretation of various Rogi Bala and Roga Bala technique to plan Chikitsa SutraClinical examination of Deha Bala, Roga Bala, Agnibala And Chetas BalaKnowledge of current diagnostic tools like ECG, X-Ray, CT scan, MRI and USG

MD Roga & Vikriti Vijana Entrance Exam

CourseEntrance Exam 
MD Roga & Vikriti VijanaAIAPGET (All India Ayush Post Graduate Entrance Test)

MD Roga & Vikriti Vijana Fees Range

MD Roga & Vikriti VijanaRs. 25,000/-  To Rs. 3,50,000/- per Annum

MD Roga & Vikriti Vijana Salary Range

CourseSalary Range
MD Roga & Vikriti VijanaRs. 2,00,000/- to Rs. 8,00,000/- per annum

MD Roga & Vikriti Vijana Courses Eligibility 

Entrance Exam:All India Ayush Post Graduate Entrance Test (AIAPGET)
AgeNo age restrictions
InternshipMandatory experience of 1-year internship after BAMS course
QualificationCandidates must have an MBBS degree from a recognized educational institute or Equivalent Ayurveda Graduate degreeCandidates must have secured a minimum of 50% aggregate marks to sit for the AIAPGET PG exam, qualifying via which they will get admission to MD Roga & Vikriti Vijana 

How To Get Admission in MD Roga & Vikriti Vijana?

Applicants can apply for admission both online and in person. Online means that aspirants would visit the NEET official website and the university official site and publish the necessary documentation to the portal. Educators would be required to visit the admission office of the Ayurveda colleges and hand over all the documents to candidates for the offline option. The hereunder are general admission process details.

Applicants must be cognizant of the MD Roga & Vikriti Vijana curriculum details in order to be admitted to a college of their choice. After completing the application form, applicants must pay the MD Roga & Vikriti Vijana fees to ensure admission to the college of their choice.

The Selection Procedure

Applicants should ensure that they meet all of the colleges’ eligibility requirements. The colleges publish a rank list according to the results acquired in the entrance exam coupled with the total scores in counseling, individual interviews, and group discussion, predicated on which applicants are registered in the course of their choice.

MD Roga & Vikriti VIjana Scope in India

  • MD Rog Nidan Avum Vikriti Vigyan course provides candidates with knowledge of Ayurveda and modern science. It enables students to concentrate on Ayurvedic diagnostics in order to diagnose different ailments. It also discusses laboratory and radiological research in an Ayurvedic context.
  • After receiving a post-graduate degree in MD Rog Nidan Avum Vikriti Vigyan, one can work as a doctor in government and private hospitals, or as an academic teacher at U.G./PG institutions.  The average wage of an Ayurvedic Doctor is between Rs 31,044 and Rs 62,000 per month. Aspirants with a Post-Graduation certificate typically receive a high salary.

Frequently Asked Question

What is MD Roga Nidan & Vikriti Vijana?

MD Roga & Vikriti Vijana is a three-year postgraduate course with preoperative evaluation according to traditional techniques including Nadi pareeksha (Pulse Diagnosis) and also embraces modern cultural diagnostic tools for the conclusive diagnosis of the individual. 

What is the duration of the MD Roga Nidan And Vikriti Vijana?

The duration for MD Roga Nidan & Vikriti Vijana is 3 years.

What is the qualification eligibility for MD Roga Nidan And Vikriti Vijana?

The Minimum Qualification required for MD  Roga Nidan And Vikriti Vijana is Bachelor’s degree in ayurveda medicine & surgery or MBBS.

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