Government Unani Medical College & Hospital Shalateng

Government Unani Medical College & Hospital Shalateng emerges as a distinguished bastion of traditional healing practices and contemporary medical education. Rooted in the essence of centuries-old Unani medicine, this esteemed institution is committed to the holistic well-being of individuals, imparting knowledge, and serving the local community.

The institution has envisioned a resurgence of the values that underpin Unani medicine, a time-honored system steeped in natural treatments and complete therapeutic procedures. The college and hospital complex, located in the centre of Shalateng, is a monument to the combination of age-old wisdom and modern healthcare demands.

The college prides itself on its dedicated faculty, a consortium of accomplished scholars, experienced Unani practitioners, and experts well-versed in contemporary medical sciences. This amalgamation of knowledge generates a dynamic learning environment wherein students not only grasp the tenets of Unani medicine but also explore its synergy with current healthcare paradigms.

The Government Unani Hospital is central to the institution’s ethos, a key component where theory is easily translated into actual implementation. Students participate in the real-world application of Unani principles, diagnosing and treating patients under the supervision of experienced practitioners, gaining crucial clinical knowledge.


College NameGovernment Unani Medical College & Hospital, Shalateng
Popular NameGUMCH, Shalateng
Institute TypeGovernment
LocationShalateng, Kashmir
Affiliated withKashmir University
Approved byNational Commission for Indian System Of Medicine- NCISM.
CourseUG Course
UG Entrance testNEET Exam conducted by NTA
Hostel FacilitiesYes
CategoryBUMS Colleges in Jammu & Kashmir 
ContactAddress: Nawabagh, Jammu and Kashmir 193501
Admission Helpline no: 9289495501

Affiliation, Recognition, and Achievement

  • Affiliated with: Kashmir University
  • Approved by: National Commission for Indian System Of Medicine- NCISM.
  • Aid Status: Government


Government Unani Medical College & Hospital stands as a testament to modernity harmonizing with tradition through its array of facilities. The institution’s dedication to holistic education and healthcare is evident in the thoughtfully designed amenities that cater to the diverse needs of students, faculty, and patients. Here is a glimpse of the distinctive facilities offered:

  • Innovative Learning Spaces: The college prides itself on its contemporary classrooms, equipped with advanced teaching aids that foster interactive learning experiences. These spaces encourage academic dialogue and facilitate the exchange of ideas.
  • Cutting-Edge Laboratories: State-of-the-art laboratories serve as dynamic hubs for practical exploration. With modern equipment and resources, students engage in hands-on experiments, honing their skills and deepening their understanding of Unani medicine.
  • Treasure Trove of Knowledge: The institution’s library is more than a collection of books; it’s a gateway to ancient wisdom and contemporary research. Its extensive assortment of Unani manuscripts, scholarly texts, and medical literature provides an intellectual sanctuary for knowledge seekers.
  • Healing Hub – Unani Hospital: At the heart of the institution lies the Government Unani Hospital, where theory transforms into healing practice. This bustling center provides a platform for students to apply their theoretical knowledge under the guidance of skilled practitioners, ensuring holistic patient care.
  • Blossoming Herbal Garden: The college’s herbal garden is a living tribute to the healing power of nature. A diverse spectrum of medicinal plants flourish here, offering students an immersive understanding of the botanical basis of Unani remedies.
  • Avenue for Academic Discourse: Auditoriums and seminar halls with modern audio-visual capabilities serve as venues for academic discussions, symposiums, and cultural events. These spaces facilitate the exchange of ideas and intellectual growth.
  • Residential Comfort: For outstation students, the college offers hostel facilities that provide not just accommodation, but a sense of community. These spaces nurture friendships and provide a supportive environment for personal and academic growth.
  • Culinary Delights: The cafeteria caters to the palate with a diverse range of nutritious meals and refreshments, fueling both body and mind.
  • Nurturing Research Ecosystem: Dedicated research facilities equipped with technology and resources encourage students and faculty to explore the frontiers of Unani medicine, fostering a culture of innovation.
  • Beyond Boundaries – Community Engagement: The institution’s commitment to social responsibility is embodied in its community outreach initiatives. Through medical camps, health awareness programs, and outreach, it extends the healing touch beyond its walls.
  • Efficiency in Administration: Administrative offices ensure the smooth functioning of various aspects, ranging from admissions to records, contributing to the overall efficiency of the institution.

Faculty and Staff

Within the halls of Government Unani Medical College & Hospital, Shalateng, a dedicated ensemble of faculty and staff members form the bedrock of the institution’s academic prowess and healthcare excellence. These individuals, hailing from diverse backgrounds and fields of expertise, collaborate to create a vibrant and enriching ecosystem for both learners and patients. Here’s an insight into the diverse roles that contribute to the institution’s vitality:

  • Educators Extraordinaire: The college boasts a cohort of erudite professors, associate professors, and assistant professors who, beyond their titles, act as torchbearers of Unani wisdom. Their commitment to scholarly pursuits and experiential teaching enriches students’ understanding of traditional healing practices.
  • Healers and Mentors: The Government Unani Hospital is graced by the presence of seasoned Unani practitioners who go beyond clinical duties. Their mentorship extends to students, guiding them in diagnosing and treating patients while instilling empathy and patient-centered care.
  • Research Catalysts: Fueling the institution’s academic vigor, research-oriented faculty members drive exploration into the frontiers of Unani medicine. Their innovative inquiries elevate the institution’s stature and contribute to the evolution of Unani healing methodologies.
  • Administrative Maestros: Behind the scenes, a team of administrative professionals ensures the seamless orchestration of various facets, ranging from admissions and records to event coordination and facility management.
  • Nurturing Hospital Staff: Nurses, caregivers, and hospital attendants within the Government Unani Hospital epitomize compassion in action. Their patient-centric approach not only aids in healing but also offers students a glimpse into the art of holistic patient care.
  • Guiding Mentors: Certain faculty members extend their roles to become student advisors or mentors, providing invaluable guidance on academic pursuits, career choices, and personal growth.
  • Literary Curators: Librarians and resource custodians meticulously curate the institution’s treasure trove of Unani literature, facilitating access to a wealth of knowledge for both learners and scholars.
  • Technical Wizards: The technical support team ensures the seamless functioning of laboratories, multimedia equipment, and digital resources, enriching students’ learning experiences.
  • Community Crusaders: Staff members dedicated to community outreach, medical camps, and health awareness initiatives embody the institution’s commitment to extending healing beyond its boundaries.
  • Lifelong Learners: Embracing the ethos of continuous improvement, faculty and staff members engage in ongoing professional development, enriching their knowledge and pedagogical skills.

Course Offered & Intake Capacity

CourseDurationSeat Intake
BUMS4.6+1 Year Internship60


Professional Year IProfessional Year II
Arabic and Mantiq wa Falsafa (Logic Philosophy and Astronomy)Tareekh-e-tib (History of Medicine)
Kulliyat Umoore Tabiya (Basic Principles of Unani Medicine)Tahaffuzi wa Samaji Tib (Preventive and Community Medicine)
Tashreeh Ul Badan (Anatomy)Ilmul Advia
Munafeul Aaza (Physiology)Mahiyatul Amraz (Pathology)
Professional Year IIIProfessional Year IV
Communication skillsMoalajat – I (General Medicine)
Ilmul Saidla wa Murakkabat (Unani Pharmacy)Moalajat – II
Tibbe Qanooni wa Ilmul Samoom (Medical Jurisprudence and Toxicology)Amraze Niswan (Gynaecology)
Sareeriyat wa Usoole Ilaj (Bedside clinic and principles of management)Ilmul Qabalat wa Naumalood (Obstetrics and Neonatology)
Ilaj Bit Tadbeer (Regional Therapy)Ilmul Jarahat (Surgery)
Amraz-e-Atfal (Paediatrics)Ain, Uzn, Anaf, Halaq wa Asnan (Ophthalmology and Diseases of Ear, Nose and Throat)

Fee Structure

CourseFees (Annually)
BUMSWill Notified Soon

Eligibility Criteria

Eligibility CriteriaDescription
NationalityCandidates must be Indian citizens or fulfill the specified residency criteria.
Educational QualificationsApplicants must have completed 10+2 with Physics, Chemistry, Biology/Biotechnology, and English as core subjects with a minimum of 50% marks, with 40% marks essential for SC/ST applicants and 45 % needed for PwD candidates.
Age LimitThere may be an age limit specified for candidates applying for Ayush courses. The age criteria can vary depending on the category of candidates.
Entrance ExamCandidates may need to appear for a relevant entrance exam, such as NEET or a state-level Ayush entrance exam, and the eligibility may be based on scores.
Domicile RequirementsCandidates may need to provide proof of domicile or residency in Jammu and Kashmir or fulfill the specified requirements.
Other RequirementsAdditional requirements may include medical fitness certificates, character certificates, and other documents specified by the counseling authority.


NEET AYUSH Cut Off is the minimum qualifying score that aspiring candidates need to achieve in the National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET) to secure admission in AYUSH (Ayurveda, Yoga and Naturopathy, Unani, Siddha, and Homeopathy) courses.

The cut-off is determined by the regulatory authorities and varies each year based on factors such as the number of applicants and the difficulty level of the exam. It serves as a benchmark for selecting candidates for AYUSH undergraduate and postgraduate programs in various colleges and universities across India. Meeting the NEET AYUSH Cut Off is essential for aspiring students to pursue their dreams of studying AYUSH disciplines and embarking on a career in alternative medicine.

NEET Ayush 2023 Qualifying Percentile and Scores

CategoryQualifying CriteriaCut-off marks 2022Cut-off marks 2023
UR50th Percentile715-117720-137
OBC40th Percentile116-93136-107
SC40th Percentile116-93136-107
ST40th Percentile116-93136-107
UR / EWS & PH45th Percentile116-105136-121
OBC & PH40th Percentile104-93120-107
SC & PH40th Percentile104-93120-107
ST & PH40th Percentile104-93120-108

Government Unani Medical College & Hospital, Shalateng Cut-Off 2022 (AACCC)

Category First Round Second Round Mop Up Special Mop UpStray Round

Government Unani Medical College & Hospital, Shalateng Cut-Off 2023 (State Quota)

Category First Round Second Round Mop Up Special Mop UpStray Round
Open220928 366 282362 324 
OBC238166 353 331718 294 
EWS225137 363 
SC446807 238 

Ranking and Reputation

Name of InstituteGovernment Unani Medical College & Hospital, Shalateng

Contact Details

Government Unani Medical College & Hospital, Shalateng

  • Address: Nawabagh, Jammu and Kashmir 193501
    Admission Helpline no: 9289495501

BUMS College Predictor

BUMS College Predictor employs a novel algorithm that analyses the opening and closing ranks of the previous year’s Ayush counseling data to determine the best college for you to pursue Medical Studies. It forecasts your chances of admission to the medical school of your preference.

BUMS Admission Consultant

BUMS Admission Consultants are professionals who assist students seeking admission in Bachelor of Unani Medicine and Surgery (BUMS) programs. These consultants have in-depth knowledge about the admission process and provide guidance to students. They help with filling out application forms, understanding eligibility criteria, and preparing for entrance exams. BUMS Admission Consultants also provide information about different colleges, including their facilities and placement opportunities. Their assistance simplifies the admission process and helps students make informed decisions about their BUMS education. 

NEET Counseling Experts

To know better NEET Counseling Experts have developed user-friendly tools to assist in determining students’ goals. To receive assistance throughout the entire NEET Counseling process, till you are admitted to your preferred medical college. 

AYUSH counseling expert

AYUSH counseling expert with over years of experience offers their experienced counseling services so that even individuals with low NEET scores and limited financial resources might gain admission to their respective AYUSH courses.

AACCC Counselling online Registration

  • Step 1: Visit the AACCC counseling website (
  • Step 2: Register on the AACCC-UG portal using the same Email address and Mobile Number submitted during NEET-UG 2024 registration.
  • Step 3: Download the ‘Sandes app’ on your registered phone number to receive OTP for registration.
  • Step 4: Use a Laptop or Computer with the latest version of Chrome/Internet Explorer/Firefox/Windows/IOS for a smooth registration process.
  • Step 5: Provide accurate information during registration as your allocation will be based on it.
  • Step 6: Complete the registration process by following the instructions on the AACCC-UG portal.

AACCC Counselling Process

Round 1: Eligibility for Participation

Only NEET (UG) – 2024 qualified candidates are eligible for AACCC-UG counseling.


  • Register for AACCC-UG Counseling.
  • Pay the Counselling Fee (Non-Refundable Registration Fee + Security Deposit Money).
  • Fill in and lock your choices.
  • The seat allotment list will be published (result).
  • Physically report to the allotted college.

Round 2: Eligibility for Participation

  • NEET (UG)-2024 qualified candidates who have not registered in the 1st Round.
  • Candidates registered in the 1st Round but were not allotted a seat.
  • Candidates who opted for free exit in the 1st Round.
  • Candidates who joined the allotted seat in the 1st Round and submitted willingness for up-gradation in the 2nd Round.


  • Register for AACCC-UG Counseling (Candidates from the 1st Round need not register again).
  • Pay the Counseling Fee (Non-Refundable Registration Fee + Security Money) if not paid already.
  • Fill in and lock your choices.
  • The seat allotment list will be published (result).
  • Physically report to the allotted college.

Round 3/Mop-up Round: Eligibility for Participation

  • NEET (UG)-2024 qualified candidates who have not registered in the 1st Round & 2nd Round.
  • Candidates who have already registered but were not allotted seats in the 1st Round & 2nd Round.
  • Candidates registered in Round 1/Round 2 and availed of Free Exit.
  • Candidates who joined the 1st Round allotted seat and submitted willingness for upgradation but did not participate in the 2nd Round of counseling.
  • Candidates who joined the allotted seat in the 2nd Round and submitted willingness for up-gradation in the AACCC counseling 3rd Round.
  • Candidates who leave/resign the allotted seat in the 2nd Round, with forfeiture of Security money, three days before the commencement of the 3rd Round can participate with payment of complete fees.


  • Register for AACCC-UG Counseling (Candidates from the 1st Round/2nd Round need not register again).
  • Pay the Counseling Fee (non-refundable Registration Fee and Security Money if not paid already).
  • Fill in and lock your choices.
  • The seat allotment list will be published (result).
  • Physically report to the allotted college.

Stray Vacancy Round for AIQG/AIQGA/CU/NI

  • Seats that remain vacant after the 3rd/Mop-up Round will be filled through the AACCC’s online Stray Vacancy Round.
  • Eligibility for Participation:
  • All registered candidates who were not admitted to any seats through AACCC-UG counseling or state/UT counseling.


  • No fresh registration in the Stray Vacancy Round.
  • Submit willingness in the AACCC-UG portal to participate in the Stray Vacancy Round with an undertaking that you do not hold any UG (ASU&H) seats allotted through AACCC-UG counseling or counseling conducted by State/UTs.
  • Option for choice filling is available.
  • No upgradation is available from the 3rd/Mop-up Round to the Stray Vacancy Round.

Stray Vacancy Round for Deemed University

  • The respective Deemed Universities conduct the Stray Vacancy Round for seat allotment under Deemed Universities.
  • AACCC will send a list of eligible registered candidates to Deemed Universities for the Stray Vacancy Round, which will be exercised strictly in order of merit.
  • The seats are domicile-free, and only registered AACCC-UG counseling candidates are eligible for admission.

Please note that the process provided is a simplified overview of the AACCC Counselling process. It is recommended to refer to the official AACCC website or relevant sources for more detailed and up-to-date information

Documents Required

AACCC Counselling Documents Required (Original along with attested photocopies of documents) at the time of joining in allotted AYUSH College are as below:

  • Admit Cards for the NEET (UG)-2024 Exam issued by NTA.
  • NEET (UG)-2024 Result/ Rank letter issued by NTA.
  • Date of Birth Certificate (if 10th Standard Certificate does not bear the same)
  • Class 10th passed Certificate
  • Class 10+2 Passed Certificate
  • Class 10+2 Marks Sheet
  • Eight (8) Passport size photographs. (Same as affixed on the NEET (UG)- 2024/AACCC-UG counseling-2024 online application form).
  • Provisional Allotment Letter generated online from the AACCC portal.
  • Proof of identity (Aadhar/ PAN/ Driving License/ Passport/ Voter ID )
  • Medical Fitness Certificate issued by a Registered Medical Practitioner in the prescribed format as attached in Annexure-VI.
  • Transfer Certificate from the last studied institution

Jammu and Kashmir Ayush Counselling Process


  • Candidates need to register themselves through the designated online portal within the specified period.

Document Verification:

  • Candidates must visit the designated verification center with their original documents and photocopies for verification.
  • Required documents include educational certificates, entrance exam scorecards (if applicable), domicile proof, identity proof, and other relevant documents.

Merit List Publication:

  • The counseling authority prepares and publishes a merit list based on educational qualifications, entrance exam scores (if applicable), and reservation criteria.

Choice Filling:

  • Eligible candidates can log in to the counseling portal and select their preferred Ayush courses and institutions from the available options

Seat Allotment:

  • The counseling authority allocates seats based on the choices filled by the candidates and their merit rank.
  • The seat allotment result is published on the official website.

Reporting to Allotted Institution:

  • Candidates who are allocated seats must report to the respective institution within the specified time period.
  • They need to complete the admission formalities, pay the requisite fees, and submit the necessary documents to secure their admission.

Second Round of Counselling (if applicable):

  • If there are vacant seats after the first round, a second round of counseling may be conducted.
  • Eligible candidates who did not participate in the first round or wish to upgrade their allotted seat can participate in this round.

 Documents Required

  • 10th Certificate.
  • 12th Certificate & Mark Sheet.
  • NEET UG Admit Card
  • NEET UG Result/Scorecard.
  • Category Certificate (if applicable).
  • Domicile Certificate
  • Certificate of Sub Category, If Applicable.
  • ID Proof (Aadhaar Card/Voter card etc.)
  • Passport Size Photograph


Q: What is Government Unani Medical College & Hospital, Shalateng?

A: Government Unani Medical College & Hospital, Shalateng, is an esteemed institution that focuses on the study and practice of Unani medicine, a traditional healing system. It provides education, training, and healthcare services rooted in Unani principles.

Q:What facilities are available for students?

A:The college provides modern classrooms, well-equipped laboratories, a comprehensive library, an attached Unani hospital, herbal garden, auditoriums, hostels, and recreational areas.

Q:Who are the faculty members at the college?

A:The college boasts a dedicated faculty, including experienced professors, associate professors, and assistant professors, who specialize in Unani medicine and related fields.

Q:Are there opportunities for research and extracurricular activities?

A:Yes, the college encourages research activities and often conducts seminars, workshops, and cultural events to enhance students’ overall learning experience.

Q: Is there hostel accommodation for outstation students?

A:Yes, the college typically provides hostel facilities for students coming from outside Shalateng, ensuring a comfortable living environment.

Q:Are there opportunities for clinical rotations or internships during the course?

A:Yes, the college typically provides opportunities for students to engage in clinical rotations and internships at the Government Unani Hospital, allowing them to gain practical experience.

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