New Central Order : NET Mandatory for Ayush Medical Teaching Positions

Gwalior, December 15, 2023

As a result of a significant decision, aspiring Ayush medical practitioners interested in teaching posts in Ayurveda, Siddha, and Unani (Ayush) medical colleges will now be required to pass the National Teachers Eligibility Test (NET). Individuals having masters degrees in Ayush who do not pass this examination will not be eligible to become doctors.

New Central Order 2024: NET Mandatory for Ayush Medical Teaching Positions.

Quick Facts About New Central Order:

News TitleNew Central Order: NET Mandatory for Ayush Medical Teaching Positions
LocationGwalior, December 15, 2023
Issued ByDr. B.L. Mehra, Secretary, National Board of Indian Medicine, New Delhi
Effective FromAcademic Session 2024
SummaryAspiring Ayush medical practitioners must now pass the National Teachers Eligibility Test (NET) to qualify for teaching positions in Ayurveda, Siddha, and Unani (Ayush) medical colleges. The directive aims to standardize eligibility criteria and will be effective from the academic session of 2024. Existing teachers with assigned codes from CCIM or NCISM are exempt. Current recruitment processes involve interviews through MP-PSC, and vacant positions exist in Gwalior’s Ayurvedic college.
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They will not be permitted to teach medical students or medical instructors.
Dr. B.L. Mehra, Secretary of the National Board of Indian Medicine in New Delhi, issued this directive on Thursday. The new regulation is slated to take effect in the 2024 academic year.

According to Dr. Rakesh Pandey, spokesperson for the Ayush Medical Association, this rule would apply to new postgraduate degree holders in Ayush. Teachers who have already been assigned a Teachers Code by the Central Council of Indian Medicine (CCIM) or the National Commission for Indian Systems of Medicine (NCISM) are exempt from this requirement.

Medical teaching positions are currently filled through interviews supported by the MP-PSC (Madhya Pradesh Public Service Commission). The Madhya Pradesh government’s Ayush Department screening committee in Bhopal conducts interviews to appoint medical instructors.
There are several open opportunities for medical instructors in several fields at the Ayurvedic college in Gwalior.

This new directive aims to standardize the eligibility criteria for Ayush medical teaching positions,
ensuring that instructors possess the necessary qualifications as determined by the National Teachers
Eligibility Test.

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