NCISM sought employee information

NCISM sought employee information.

With the new rules, there is now a crisis in the recognition of 23 private Ayurvedic colleges.

All information must be submitted by June 17, and college administration is experiencing difficulties.


A crisis has erupted over the state’s recognition of 23 private Ayurvedic colleges, including 14 in the capital. Only Ayurveda colleges that meet the prescribed criteria will be recognised by the National Commission for Indian Systems of Medicine (NCISM). The commision has sought all information related to the college and its related online, including the salary of all college staff, including teaching, non-teaching, and technical staff. Furthermore, all of the above information must be made available to colleges by June 17. In this regard, a gazette notification has been issued.

The salary of Professor, Reader, and Associate Professor has been fixed in the NCISM gazette notification. According to the notification, the lecturer will have to pay Rs 56100 to 177500 per month, the reader or associate professor will have to pay Rs 78800 to 209200, the professor will have to pay Rs 123100 to 215900, and the institution’s head will have to pay Rs 131100 to 216600. The reasoning behind this is that if they are paid well, their level of education will improve.

14 colleges in the capital are also working hard to provide information to the colleges.

NCISM has requested information about the employees; however, most of the state’s private Ayurvedic colleges do not have such detailed information. This is why colleges are working so hard to provide information.

There is also concern that the colleges will not make this information available on time. If this does not happen, there may be a crisis in the recognition of the state’s more than 40 private Ayurvedic colleges, including the capital.

Colleges will be simple to monitor.

Colleges must post all staff information, including salaries, on the NCISM portal. In such a case, all information about the colleges will be available to officers in Delhi with a single click.

College monitoring will be simple. NCISM has declared Teaching Faculty, Non Teaching Faculty and Whole Hospital Staff Appointment, Joining, Employee ID, Qualification, Designation, Salary Account, Nature of Appointment, Pay Scale, PAN Number, Bank Name, Last One Year Salary, Bank details, Form Part A and B of 16, ESIC and EPF information has also been compulsorily sought.

Relaxation of up to 20% should be granted.

All accredited Ayurvedic colleges adhere to the standards. Salary determination is the responsibility of the respective colleges and universities. NCISM should provide a 20% relaxation in the conditions.

-Doctor. Rakesh Pandey, National Spokesperson, AYUSH Medical Association

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