Jagannath University Naturopathy & Yoga Sciences Jaipur

Jagannath University Naturopathy & Yoga Sciences Jaipur is a distinguished institution committed to promoting the ancient sciences of Naturopathy and Yoga in the contemporary world. Situated in the culturally vibrant city of Jaipur, India, the university stands as a beacon of holistic health and wellness, bridging the gap between tradition and innovation.

The university’s primary objective is to revive and disseminate the age-old wisdom of Naturopathy and Yoga, fostering a new generation of healthcare professionals well-versed in natural healing methods. Their comprehensive and specialized programs provide students with a profound understanding of traditional healing practices, complemented by modern scientific insights.

Jagannath University acknowledges the significance of the mind-body connection, recognizing the transformative potential of Yoga and Naturopathy in promoting overall well-being. The curriculum seamlessly blends ancient knowledge with contemporary research, equipping students with in-depth knowledge of the human body, its natural healing mechanisms, and the profound impact of lifestyle choices on health.

The institution boasts a world-class faculty comprising accomplished experts in the fields of Naturopathy and Yoga. Their guidance and mentorship play a crucial role in nurturing the students’ academic growth. The university provides state-of-the-art facilities and well-equipped laboratories to ensure hands-on training and practical experience.


College NameJagannath University, Naturopathy & Yoga Sciences, Jaipur
Popular NameJUNYS, Jaipur
Institute TypePrivate (Deemed)
LocationDausa , Rajasthan
Affiliated withJagannath University
Approved byNational Commission for Indian System Of Medicine- NCISM.
CourseUG Course
UG Entrance testNEET Exam conducted by NTA
Hostel FacilitiesYes
CategoryBNYS Colleges in Rajasthan
ContactAddress:  NH-12, Chaksu Bypass, Tonk Road, Jaipur-303901
E-mail: info@jagannathuniversity.org
Admission Helpline no: 9289495501

Affiliation, Recognition, and Type

  • Affiliated with: Jagannath University
  • Approved by: National Commission for Indian System Of Medicine- NCISM.
  • Aid Status: Private


Jagannath University, Naturopathy & Yoga Sciences, Jaipur, takes pride in providing state-of-the-art facilities that support the holistic development and well-being of its students. These facilities are designed to create an environment conducive to learning, research, and personal growth in the fields of Naturopathy and Yoga.

  • Modern Classrooms: The university boasts well-equipped and spacious classrooms that facilitate interactive learning and academic discussions. The classrooms are equipped with audio-visual aids, ensuring an engaging and enriching learning experience for students.
  • Well-Stocked Library: The university’s library is a treasure trove of knowledge, housing an extensive collection of books, research papers, journals, and digital resources related to Naturopathy, Yoga, and other allied subjects. Students have access to valuable information to support their academic pursuits and research.
  • Specialized Laboratories: To enhance practical learning, the university offers specialized laboratories for Naturopathy and Yoga. These labs enable students to gain hands-on experience in various therapies, techniques, and diagnostic procedures, honing their skills and understanding.
  • Research Opportunities: Jagannath University encourages research in the fields of Naturopathy and Yoga. With dedicated research centers and guidance from experienced faculty members, students have ample opportunities to explore and contribute to the advancement of these sciences.
  • Wellness Center: The university’s wellness center serves as a hub for promoting holistic health among students and staff. It offers various naturopathic therapies, yoga classes, and mindfulness sessions to foster physical and mental well-being.
  • Hostel Accommodation: For students coming from different regions, the university provides comfortable hostel accommodation within the campus. The hostels are well-maintained, creating a conducive living environment that promotes bonding and a sense of community among students.
  • Sports and Recreation: Jagannath University believes in the importance of physical fitness for overall well-being. The campus offers sports facilities and recreational activities to help students maintain a healthy balance between academics and leisure.
  • Seminar Halls: Equipped with modern audio-visual aids, the seminar halls serve as venues for conferences, workshops, and guest lectures conducted by eminent practitioners and scholars from the field of Naturopathy and Yoga.
  • Cafeteria: The university’s cafeteria provides nutritious and balanced meals, reflecting the principles of naturopathy, to support the overall health of students.
  • Wi-Fi and Connectivity: The campus is equipped with high-speed internet connectivity, ensuring that students have access to a wealth of online resources and can stay connected with the global community.

These facilities at Jagannath University, Naturopathy & Yoga Sciences, Jaipur, are meticulously designed to create a nurturing environment where students can immerse themselves in the profound knowledge of ancient sciences while embracing modern advancements in the field.

Faculty and Staff

Jagannath University, Naturopathy & Yoga Sciences, Jaipur, prides itself on its esteemed faculty and dedicated staff members who play a pivotal role in shaping the institution’s academic excellence and nurturing a conducive learning environment. Comprising accomplished experts and professionals in the fields of Naturopathy and Yoga, the faculty members bring a wealth of knowledge, experience, and passion to the forefront of education.

  • Highly Qualified Professors: The university’s faculty members are renowned experts with advanced degrees and extensive experience in Naturopathy, Yoga, and related disciplines. Their expertise covers various aspects of traditional healing practices, modern scientific research, and integrative approaches to holistic health.
  • Experienced Practitioners: Many faculty members are experienced practitioners in their respective fields, having served in clinical settings and wellness centers. Their real-world experience enriches the learning process, offering students valuable insights into practical applications of Naturopathy and Yoga.
  • Research Scholars: The university takes pride in hosting research scholars who actively contribute to the advancement of Naturopathy and Yoga through their studies and publications. Their research efforts bolster the academic environment and inspire students to explore new avenues of knowledge.
  • Student-Centric Mentors: The faculty members at Jagannath University are committed to the success and well-being of their students. They serve as mentors, offering personalized guidance and support to help students excel in their academic pursuits and personal growth.
  • Support Staff: In addition to the faculty, the university employs a dedicated team of support staff, including administrative personnel, librarians, laboratory assistants, and maintenance staff. These individuals work behind the scenes to ensure the smooth functioning of the institution and cater to the various needs of students and faculty.
  • Guest Lecturers and Experts: To enrich the learning experience, the university frequently invites guest lecturers and renowned experts from the field of Naturopathy and Yoga. These interactions provide students with exposure to diverse perspectives and the latest advancements in the disciplines.
  • Continuing Education: Faculty members are encouraged to engage in ongoing professional development to stay updated with the latest research and developments in the field. This commitment to continuing education ensures that students receive the most relevant and up-to-date knowledge.
  • Collaborative Environment: The faculty and staff at Jagannath University foster a collaborative and inclusive environment, promoting open discussions, interdisciplinary learning, and exchange of ideas among students and faculty members.

The collective expertise, dedication, and passion of the faculty and staff at Jagannath University, Naturopathy & Yoga Sciences, Jaipur, create a dynamic learning community. Their commitment to imparting knowledge, conducting research, and nurturing students’ holistic growth makes the university a beacon of excellence in the field of Naturopathy and Yoga education.

Course Offered

CourseDurationSeat Intake
BNYS5.5 years (including 12 months mandatory internship)Will Notified Soon 

BNYS Syllabus

Human Anatomy-1Pathology I & IIForensic medicines and toxicologyYoga Therapy
Human Physiology-1Human MicrobiologyCommunity MedicineHydrotherapy
BiochemistryYoga and Physical Culture-1Psychology & Basic PsychiatryManipulative Therapy
Human Anatomy-2Diagnostic Methods in NaturopathObstetrics & GynecologyChromotherapy & Magneto therapy
Human Physiology-2Diagnostic Methods in Modern MedicineYoga & Physical Culture – IIFasting & Diet Therapy
Philosophy of Nature cure I &Basic PharmacologyNutrition & HerbologyAcupuncture, Acupressure, Reflexology, Reiki & Pranic healing
Philosophy & Practice of Yoga  –Massage Chiropractors Osteopathy Aroma and TherapyPhysiotherapy
  –  –  –Hospital management
  –  –  –Minor Surgery, First Aid & Emergency Medicine

Fees Structure

CourseFees (Per Year)
BYNSRs. 3,50,000/-

Eligibility Criteria

CourseEligibility Criteria
BNYSCandidates must have passed 10+2 or equivalent examination with Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and English.
They should have obtained a minimum aggregate of 50% (40% for reserved categories) in the qualifying examination.
Age limit: Minimum 17 years as of December 31 of the admission year.


NEET AYUSH Cut Off is the minimum qualifying score that aspiring candidates need to achieve in the National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET) to secure admission in AYUSH (Ayurveda, Yoga and Naturopathy, Unani, Siddha, and Homeopathy) courses.

The cut-off is determined by the regulatory authorities and varies each year based on factors such as the number of applicants and the difficulty level of the exam. It serves as a benchmark for selecting candidates for AYUSH undergraduate and postgraduate programs in various colleges and universities across India. Meeting the NEET AYUSH Cut Off is essential for aspiring students to pursue their dreams of studying AYUSH disciplines and embarking on a career in alternative medicine.

NEET Ayush 2023 Qualifying Percentile and Scores

CategoryQualifying CriteriaCut-off marks 2022Cut-off marks 2023
UR50th Percentile715-117720-137
OBC40th Percentile116-93136-107
SC40th Percentile116-93136-107
ST40th Percentile116-93136-107
UR / EWS & PH45th Percentile116-105136-121
OBC & PH40th Percentile104-93120-107
SC & PH40th Percentile104-93120-107
ST & PH40th Percentile104-93120-108

Jagannath University, Naturopathy & Yoga Sciences, Jaipur Cut-Off 2022 (AACCC Quota)

CategoryFirst RoundSecond RoundThird RoundFourth RoundFifth Round

Jagannath University, Naturopathy & Yoga Sciences, Jaipur Cut-Off 2023 (State Quota)

Category First Round Second Round Third Round Fourth RoundFive Round

Ranking & Reputation

Name of InstituteJagannath University, Naturopathy & Yoga Sciences, Jaipur

Contact Details

Jagannath University, Naturopathy & Yoga Sciences, Jaipur

  • Address:  NH-12, Chaksu Bypass, Tonk Road, Jaipur-303901
  • Email: info@jagannathuniversity.org
  • Admission Helpline no: 9289495501

BNYS College Predictor

BNYS College Predictor employs a novel algorithm that analyzes the opening and closing ranks of the previous year’s Ayush counseling data to determine the best college for you to pursue Medical Studies. It forecasts your chances of admission to the medical school of your preference.

BNYS Admission Consultant

BNYS admission consultant is a professional who assists students in navigating the process of getting admitted to BNYS programs. These consultants have a comprehensive understanding of the admission requirements, application procedures, and eligibility criteria of various BNYS colleges and universities. They provide personalized guidance to students, helping them choose the right institutions, gather the necessary documents, and submit strong applications. Admission consultants also offer valuable insights on entrance exams, interview preparation, and scholarships. Their expertise and support streamline the admission process, increasing the chances of securing admission to a desired BNYS program.

NEET Counseling Experts

To know better, NEET Counseling Experts have developed user-friendly tools to assist in determining students’ goals. To receive assistance throughout the entire NEET Counseling process, till you are admitted to your preferred medical college. 

AYUSH counseling expert

AYUSH counseling experts with over years of experience offer their experienced counseling services so that even individuals with low NEET scores and limited financial resources might gain admission to their respective AYUSH courses.

AACCC Ayush Counselling Online Registration Process

  • Step 1: Visit the AACCC counseling website (www.aaccc.gov.in).
  • Step 2: Register on the AACCC-UG portal using the same Email address and Mobile Number submitted during NEET-UG 2023 registration.
  • Step 3: Download the ‘Sandes app’ on your registered phone number to receive OTP for registration.
  • Step 4: Use a Laptop or Computer with the latest version of Chrome/Internet Explorer/Firefox/Windows/IOS for a smooth registration process.
  • Step 5: Provide accurate information during registration as your allocation will be based on it.
  • Step 6: Complete the registration process by following the instructions on the AACCC-UG portal.

By following these step-wise instructions, you can easily register for AACCC Counselling online.

AACCC Counselling Process

Round 1: Eligibility for Participation

Only NEET (UG) – 2023 qualified candidates are eligible for AACCC-UG counseling.


  • Register for AACCC-UG Counseling.
  • Pay the Counselling Fee (Non-Refundable Registration Fee + Security Deposit Money).
  • Fill in and lock your choices.
  • The seat allotment list will be published (result).
  • Physically report to the allotted college.

Round 2: Eligibility for Participation

  • NEET (UG)-2023 qualified candidates who have not registered in the 1st Round.
  • Candidates registered in the 1st Round but were not allotted a seat.
  • Candidates who opted for free exit in the 1st Round.
  • Candidates who joined the allotted seat in the 1st Round and submitted willingness for up-gradation in the 2nd Round.


  • Register for AACCC-UG Counseling (Candidates from the 1st Round need not register again).
  • Pay the Counseling Fee (Non-Refundable Registration Fee + Security Money) if not paid already.
  • Fill in and lock your choices.
  • The seat allotment list will be published (result).
  • Physically report to the allotted college.

Round 3/Mop-up Round: Eligibility for Participation

  • NEET (UG)-2023 qualified candidates who have not registered in the 1st Round & 2nd Round.
  • Candidates who have already registered but were not allotted seats in the 1st Round & 2nd Round.
  • Candidates registered in Round 1/Round 2 and availed of Free Exit.
  • Candidates who joined the 1st Round allotted seat and submitted willingness for upgradation but did not participate in the 2nd Round of counseling.
  • Candidates who joined the allotted seat in the 2nd Round and submitted willingness for up-gradation in the AACCC counseling 3rd Round.
  • Candidates who leave/resign the allotted seat in the 2nd Round, with forfeiture of Security money, three days before the commencement of the 3rd Round can participate with payment of complete fees.


  • Register for AACCC-UG Counseling (Candidates from the 1st Round/2nd Round need not register again).
  • Pay the Counseling Fee (non-refundable Registration Fee and Security Money if not paid already).
  • Fill in and lock your choices.
  • The seat allotment list will be published (result).
  • Physically report to the allotted college.

Stray Vacancy Round for AIQG/AIQGA/CU/NI

  • Seats that remain vacant after the 3rd/Mop-up Round will be filled through the AACCC’s online Stray Vacancy Round.
  • Eligibility for Participation:
  • All registered candidates who were not admitted to any seats through AACCC-UG counseling or state/UT counseling.


  • No fresh registration in the Stray Vacancy Round.
  • Submit willingness in the AACCC-UG portal to participate in the Stray Vacancy Round with an undertaking that you do not hold any UG (ASU&H) seats allotted through AACCC-UG counseling or counseling conducted by State/UTs.
  • Option for choice filling is available.
  • No upgradation is available from the 3rd/Mop-up Round to the Stray Vacancy Round.

Stray Vacancy Round for Deemed University

  • The respective Deemed Universities conduct the Stray Vacancy Round for seat allotment under Deemed Universities.
  • AACCC will send a list of eligible registered candidates to Deemed Universities for the Stray Vacancy Round, which will be exercised strictly in order of merit.
  • The seats are domicile-free, and only registered AACCC-UG counseling candidates are eligible for admission.
  • Please note that the process provided is a simplified overview of the AACCC Counselling process. It is recommended to refer to the official AACCC website or relevant sources for more detailed and up-to-date information.

Counselling Process

Step 1: Registration

  • Visit the official website of Rajasthan Ayush Counselling.
  • Create an account by providing the required personal information.
  • Pay the registration fee, if applicable.
  • Obtain a unique registration number and login credentials.

Step 2: Document Verification

  • Gather all the necessary documents such as academic certificates, ID proof, category certificate (if applicable), domicile certificate, etc.
  • Upload the scanned copies of these documents on the counseling portal.
  • Wait for the verification process to be completed.

Step 3: Choice Filling and Locking

  • After successful document verification, the counseling schedule will be announced.
  • Log in to the counseling portal using the provided credentials.
  • Browse through the available Ayush colleges and courses.
  • Make a list of preferred choices and prioritize them.
  • Enter the choices in the online application form.
  • Carefully review and recheck the choices.
  • Lock the choices before the specified deadline.

Step 4: Seat Allotment

  • The seat allotment process will be conducted based on the merit list and choices filled by the candidates.
  • Once the seat allotment result is published, log in to the counseling portal to check the allotted seat.
  • If satisfied with the allotted seat, candidates can either “Freeze” the seat or proceed with further rounds of counseling.

Step 5: Reporting and Admission

  • Candidates who choose to freeze their allotted seats need to report to the designated institute within the given timeframe.
  • Complete the necessary admission formalities, including document verification and fee payment.
  • If candidates wish to participate in further rounds of counseling, they can choose to “Float” the seat, which allows them to retain the allotted seat while also being considered for better options.

Step 6: Upgradation and Withdrawal

  • If candidates have chosen the “Float” option, they will be considered for upgradation in subsequent rounds of counseling if higher-preference seats become available.
  • If candidates wish to withdraw from the counseling process, they can do so by submitting a withdrawal request within the specified time.

Step 7: Subsequent Rounds (if applicable)

  • If there are subsequent rounds of counseling, repeat steps 3 to 6 until the counseling process is completed.
  • Participate in the subsequent rounds as per the schedule and guidelines provided by the counseling authority.

Documents Required

  • NEET 2023 Admit Card
  • NEET 2023 Rank Card
  • Allotment Letter
  • 10th Mark Sheet
  • 12th Mark Sheet
  • Copy of Photo Id
  • Bank Details
  • Identity Proof
  • Caste Certificate
  • Domicile Certificate
  • Category PH Certificate
  • 4 Passport Size Photographs
  • Printout of Registration Form

Frequently Ask Questions

Q:What is the focus of Jagannath University, Naturopathy & Yoga Sciences, Jaipur?

A: Jagannath University, Naturopathy & Yoga Sciences, Jaipur, is dedicated to promoting the ancient sciences of Naturopathy and Yoga. The institution focuses on imparting comprehensive knowledge, integrating traditional healing practices with modern scientific insights, and fostering a deep understanding of holistic health and wellness.

Q:What programs does the university offer?

A:The university offers various programs in the fields of Naturopathy and Yoga, including undergraduate, postgraduate, and diploma courses. These programs encompass different aspects of natural healing, yoga therapy, nutrition, and lifestyle management.

Q: Are the faculty members experienced in their respective fields?

A:Yes, the university takes pride in its highly qualified and experienced faculty members. They are experts in Naturopathy, Yoga, and related disciplines, with a blend of academic knowledge and practical experience. Many of the faculty members are renowned practitioners in their fields.

Q:What research opportunities are available for students?

A :Jagannath University encourages research in Naturopathy and Yoga. The university has dedicated research centers and supports students in conducting research projects. Students have access to extensive resources and guidance from faculty members to pursue research in their areas of interest.

Q: Does the university provide practical training?

A:Yes, the university offers practical training through specialized laboratories and clinical facilities. Students get hands-on experience in various naturopathic therapies, yoga techniques, and diagnostic procedures, preparing them for real-world applications.

Q:Is accommodation available for out-of-town students?

A: Yes, the university provides hostel accommodation within the campus for out-of-town students. The hostels are well-maintained, creating a comfortable and conducive living environment for students.

Q:What kind of extracurricular activities are available for students?

A: The university recognizes the importance of a well-rounded education, and therefore, offers various extracurricular activities, including sports facilities, recreational events, cultural programs, and workshops on personal development.

Q: How does the university promote overall well-being?

A:Jagannath University emphasizes the mind-body-soul connection. Along with academic learning, the university offers yoga classes, naturopathic therapies, and mindfulness sessions at the wellness center to support the overall well-being of students and staff.

Q:Are there opportunities for interaction with experts from the field?

A: Yes, the university frequently invites guest lecturers and renowned experts from the field of Naturopathy and Yoga. Students have the chance to interact with these experts and gain insights into the latest developments in the disciplines.

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