Bihar government fails to find AYUSH doctors for posts, 90 seats reserved for disabled remain vacant

In Bihar, there has been a noticeable inclination towards Ayurvedic medical practices post-COVID among the populace. However, the state lacks adequate infrastructure and awareness regarding the education in this field. Consequently, the lack of interest among persons with disabilities (PwDs) in pursuing education in Ayurveda is quite natural.

The government has made special provisions for the education of differently-abled children in medical colleges, including reserved seats for them. Similar provisions exist in Ayurvedic colleges as well. However, despite reserved seats in various institutions, there’s a noticeable gap in enrollment from the differently-abled community. This trend reflects not only in educational institutions but also in job applications, where candidates for reserved positions are hard to come by.

Vacancies Remain Unfilled According to Reservations

After four years, when the list of appointed doctors was released on Wednesday, it was found that nearly 90 positions reserved for differently-abled candidates remained vacant. According to the commission, there weren’t enough applications to fill these reserved positions, indicating a lack of interest among differently-abled individuals in becoming Ayurvedic doctors. This lack of interest is evident in both college enrollments and job applications.

Mismatch Between Vacancies and Candidates

In September 2020, the Bihar Technical Services Commission advertised vacancies for Ayush medical officers, including Ayurvedic physicians, totaling 3,270 positions. The result of this examination was announced on Wednesday, with 2,901 candidates successfully passing. Due to the unavailability of candidates under the reserved quota for differently-abled, 90 positions are currently vacant. This issue isn’t confined to Ayurvedic medicine alone; there’s also a shortage of interest among differently-abled individuals in the fields of Unani and Homeopathy.

Challenges Ahead

Dr. Lekhanath, a Homeopathic practitioner, suggests that this is not merely a trend issue but rather a matter of opportunity. There remains a lack of awareness among the population regarding Ayush medical practices in Bihar. Even though the government is now offering jobs, the hope is that this will increase interest among the populace. However, the journey for persons with disabilities remains especially challenging.

The recent revelations highlight the need for concerted efforts to raise awareness and make Ayush medical education more inclusive, ensuring that opportunities are accessible to all sections of society.

Source: Prabhat Khabar (February 22, 2024 12:14 PM)

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