What are the common mistakes to avoid in the AYUSH counselling 2023?

Not carefully reading the directions Before completing the application form or taking part in the counseling process, it is crucial to carefully read the guidelines

Incorrectly completing the application form It's crucial to correctly complete the application form. Your exclusion could result from any mistakes on the application form.

Not turning in the application in a timely manner: The application form must be sent in on time. No submissions will be accepted after the deadline.

Omitting to pay the application fee: Paying the application cost is crucial. Your application will not be processed if the application fee is not paid.

Not picking the proper universities and programs: It's critical to pick the right universities and programs. Make sure you are qualified for the courses you select.

Not seeking counseling: You should speak with a counselor if you are feeling stressed out. You can make the best choices for yourself with the assistance of a counselor in understanding the counseling process.

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